What Is SB323?

Read the Full Text of SB 323 Here

Senator Scott Martin continues to push his attacks on our Free Speech rights. Driven by his love for the gas industry — and his contempt for grassroots organizing — Martin is seeking to silence the voices of ALL PROTEST as the lead sponsor of Senate Bill 323.

SB323 is

  • Designed to discourage the free exercise of First Amendment rights
  • Forces protestors to reimburse any emergency response costs associated with public demonstrations if charges arise from the activity, no matter how peaceful.
  • Bill’s language specifically calls out:
    1. vigils and prayer services
    2. public assembly, meeting or gathering, a rally or protest event
    3. a political rally or event
    4. a demonstration, speech making, or marching

SB323’s primary purpose is to stifle “expressive activity or the communication or expression of views or grievances.” The bill is sitting in committee now, awaiting a move to the Senate floor.

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